Very exciting and thrilling. We would like to introduce you friends, the implementation of our restaurant design project! The project is large and interesting. Austere but warm loft, on the shores of the Black Sea itself with a gorgeous sea panorama from all rooms. Most of the filling of the object is furniture, decor, lighting, designed specifically for this project in our studio

  • Type: restaurant, fine foods
  • Location: Mayachniy pereulok 15, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Area: 1999 m²
  • Completed: in 2019
  • Photographer: —————
  • Team: BOOM project
  • Contact:


The kitchen takes into account the interests and requirements of a large audience. Traditional southern seaside regions with wines, cheeses and pastries. In the process of creating this restaurant, we had to rethink the ideal venue as a principle. How to create comfort for a wide range of guests, atmosphere and coziness in a 1999 m2 restaurant. The solution is in the correct zoning, tactile materials and air. Tall atriums, inviting passages, wide staircases. All this creates a unique atmosphere of freedom and grandeur of volume. At the same time, chandeliers filling the volume, spotlights and lighting scenarios allow creating a chamber in this volume. in fact, we managed to create a combination of mutually exclusive concepts. The grandeur of the Ctntral station and the coziness of a coffee shop in the East village. You need a restaurant design in Odessa or in any other city of the Planet – we know how and we know how to do it.

The restaurant is located in Odessa at Mayachny Lane 15.

For a detailed view of the designs, use the slider below:

This design can be described as “Form follows function”. Design as a celebration of spaciousness and volume. Balance open space and zoning to create a unique volumetric yet intimate space. To achieve this mood, we put a lot of effort into lighting design and lighting stage design. The natural choice of materials has given this room its finishing touch.

Thank you for viewing the restaurant design by boom project studio.

You can view the menu and reserve a table here

P.S here you can see the photo in excellent quality.

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