New cool bar design in Odessa. We present to your attention our new design of a whiskey bar and restaurant in Odessa. Complete reconstruction of the existing restaurant with a complete rethinking of the concept, visuals and atmosphere. The new restaurant will gain charisma and personality.

The new design addresses the concept of the perfect bar. After all, each of us has a picture of an ideal bar or restaurant when someone says the word bar. This picture is stereotypically shaped by pop culture. Favorite books, films, music, all these form our stereotypes. I am sure that most people have a picture in their heads that is responsible for the image of a bar, this is a scene from a Hollywood movie about New York.

The design of this bar is fully based on this image. Follow the news. New posts coming soon with interesting details. You need an interesting and fresh design – we know how and we know how to do it.
  • Type: whiskey bar and lounge
  • Location: Italianskiy bulvar 4, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Area: 320 m²
  • Completed: in progress
  • Photographer: —————
  • Team: BOOM project
  • Contact: boomarchitects@gmail.com
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