TRAVELER’S COFFEE summer playground and coffee machine project

  • traveler’s coffee terrace
  • Type: terrace
  • Location: Deribasovskaya 14, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Area: 100 m²
  • Completed: in 2013
  • Photographer: —————
  • Team: BOOM project
  • Contact:



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Design of coffee in Odessa for the Traveler's coffee network - we understood that this is an investment that should bring income to the client. So we were faced with the question, only a well-thought-out coffee design is able to attract and retain a sophisticated visitor. The competition in this business is terrifying, there are really many terraces with varied terrace designs. Why it was extremely important to emphasize the unique atmosphere in the interior of the cafe. According to BOOM PROJECT experts, such an approach to the design of Odessa coffee will be immediately appreciated by visitors.

Summer playground design from BOOM PROJECT, what do we advise?

In the implementation of such projects, cafe design and terrace design, our team relied on many years of experience in the field of coffee design and interior design of cafes. Successful launch of a cafe in an updated interior design is always: satisfied visitors who return to your establishment again and again. Success in this way can give the design of a cafe in Odessa from the studio boom project. Our approach conveys to the visitor a certain emotion or even a whole mood.
< br> No wonder they say that the premises have their own "spirit". And this can only convey a quality interior design. The positioning of Traveler's coffee as a network had to be realized by the appropriate design of the terrace project and the design of the coffee machine. Many factors had to be considered in the design. Such as: proper lighting, zoning, color solutions, sound equipment, as well as technical aspects such as fire safety, ventilation systems, kitchen system, furniture and staff quarters.

What did the designers do during the design?

Combining the work of so many different structures, an interior designer must be competent and have extensive experience in the field of coffee design. The BOOM PROJECT team has all the necessary knowledge to create: a cool coffee design project in Odessa, bar design or club design; and most importantly, it is to cross all the parts of the structures for the proper implementation of the coffee design project. We also offer to get acquainted with other coffee design projects and bar design and restaurants in нашем портфолио .

Design a summer playground for TRAVELER'S COFFEE as it was.

The most important element in coffee design is the image of the potential visitor that he expects to see as service and level of comfort. Without a really strong interior design of the cafe it is simply impossible to achieve the loyalty of the visitor. In other words, the interior of the cafe is designed to create an attitude not only to the place itself, but also to the quality of dishes. Although on the other hand, the concept of coffee design or terrace design will consist of a supplied kitchen and pricing policy. It is important to understand the general approaches to details and nuances in the first and subsequent projects of coffee design or terrace design.

All equipment and finishing materials must meet each other's technical requirements. Of course, compliance with the architecture of the room is no less important. Properly structured work of the designer when working on the coffee design project for the Traveler's coffee network could bring success to the institution only if our team controlled the whole process from the beginning to the end of the implementation.

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