Interior of an apartment for a young family, made in the pseudo-style “GLAMOR”. The main group of rooms is the entrance hall. The kitchen, dining room, living room are designed as a single room, conditionally divided into zones, with the help of furniture and raising the floor level by 1 step. The interior uses: modern furniture, modern built-in light along with classic decorative, as well as bright textiles.


The kitchen takes into account the interests and requirements of a large audience. Traditional southern coastal regions with wine cheeses and pastries. In the process of creating this restaurant, we had to rethink the ideal site as a principle. How to create comfort for a wide range of guests, atmosphere and coziness in a restaurant with an area of ​​1999 m2. The solution is in the correct zoning, tactility of materials and air. High atriums, invitation aisles, wide stairs. All this creates a unique atmosphere of freedom and grandeur of volume. At the same time, chandeliers that fill the volume, spot lights and light scenarios allow you to create intimacy in this volume. in fact, we managed to create a combination of mutually exclusive concepts. The grandeur of the Central station and the coziness of the coffee shop in the East village. You need to design a restaurant in Odessa or in any other city on the planet – we know how and know how to do it.

The restaurant is located in Odessa at Mayachny Lane 15.

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