The apartment is located in Odessa, Arcadia district

The apartment is located in Odessa, Arcadia district.

Photographer – Daria Stodolya.

The apartment was created as an apartment for seasonal rental, which dictated the functionality of the apartment as universal.
In the total area of about 70 meters there are two full-fledged bedrooms and a kitchen-dining room, which is also a living room.

The starting point was the request of the Customer to make a “spectacular” apartment for moderate money, for rent.

Apartment design is the first steps

The original layout underwent minor changes, which resulted in a podium for communications in one of the bedrooms, which did not hurt, but in turn gave the bedroom a certain geometry. The customer gave complete freedom in registration, for which he is very grateful for the trust. Effective teamwork allowed to complete the facility in record time.

Apartment design - bold decisions

Thanks to the use of monochrome colors, we were able to focus on fairly bright spots of solid walnut, which was decided in two shades: in the living room – light and in the bedrooms – dark. The bold decision of the architect, to which our progressive Customer agreed, was the decision not to partially close the concrete ceiling in the premises and to spread the external wiring of lamps in brass tubes. The kitchen area is very ascetic, in dark graphite color, next to which is a non-standard and bright design of a dining table made of solid walnut.

Apartment design - notes of loft

Sitting at the table there is a wonderful view of the sea. An unusual double sofa, made to order, separates the dining area from the living room. The artistic accent is a large black and white portrait on the wall. The bedrooms are similar in decoration, also restrained and straightforward, the dark tone of walnut panels goes well with velor curtains in the color of chocolate, giving the room intimacy.

It was also decided to place an emotional black and white portrait in one of the bedrooms. The bathroom is decorated in the same key. Travertine and black slate became a good combination, and despite the small size of the bathroom, it was possible to accommodate both a bathroom and a shower. Loft notes decided to support the concrete countertop on which they placed the sink.

The design of the apartment is a pleasant conclusion

In general, the work on this interior was a pleasure not only for the architects, but also for the contractors who coped with the tasks set by them without any problems. The customer is very pleased with the result, and over the past holiday season, these apartments have become one of the most successful leased facilities.



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