Terrace sea view restaurant design is a mixed cuisine restaurant located on the famous Odessa beach called “Lanzheron”
Previously, the building housed ticket offices for cruises on sea boats, unfortunately at the time of design it was in disrepair.

To solve this problem, a group of designers was involved in the work, a lot of work was done to strengthen the building’s structures.

During the design process. of the restaurant design, it was decided to stick to light colors with contrasting accents

which gave the establishment a summer, airy, light and at the same time solid atmosphere. Furniture, lamps, bar counters, decor elements, everything was designed by the architects of the Boom project studio.

Designer chandeliers in the form of a huge snow-white cocoon have become a bright and memorable accent of this establishment. One of the main attractions of the Terrace sea view is the panoramic sea view that can be seen from all sides of the restaurant.

It is pleasant to relax here both with friends and the whole family, you can enjoy the taste of real Odessa delicacies and relax with a glass of good wine on the picturesque terrace.
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