Continuation of the project in the city of Yellow Waters. This post presents the main hall, dance floor, bar area and chillout. Some interior details are also presented. These materials will help you see the degree of elaboration of details.

The design of the nightclub project is made in a revolutionary style – rocket punk. Nostalgia for the unfulfilled space future. The concept is simple but at the same time very romantic. Using the stylistic images of retro futurism, we tried to reach the bright images from the childhood of our potential guests. The generation of people who grew up on such films as through the thorns of the stars or the mystery of the 3rd planet will not be able to remain indifferent to such interior design.

  • Type: night club
  • Location: Jeltie vodi, Ukraine
  • Area: < / strong> 800 m
  • Completed: in progress
  • Photographer: —————
  • Team: BOOM project
  • Contact:
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