Main stylistic references of the Nipper bar design: The main motive can be described as art deco passed through the prism of Sid Mead’s dystopian universe, adjusted for the era. Sid used a similar technique in the film Blade Furious, with the only difference that, in the Fugitive, the grand master placed Barroco in the setting of a dystopian future, and we did the same technique, placing art deco in the present with a reference to the fictional past. Rusty metal surfaces with a degenerate deco pattern in combination with deliberately old-fashioned interior details suggest a completely different past, echoes of steampunk. References to the past help to connect the visuals with the brand and legend, as well as, at the tactile level, place the guest in a unique setting. Shabby interiors on a subconscious level inspire confidence. The guest perceives the entourage as a proof of quality, because there is a well-trodden path here, people come here.

  • Type: BAR & amp; FINE FOOD
  • Location: Ekaterinenskaya 32, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Area: 67 m²
  • Completed: in 2020
  • Photographer: Kiril Baranovskiy
  • Team: BOOM project
  • Contact:
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