Design of a mobile advertising stand for the advertising company” Morshinskaya “. The main concept in this project was to promote the Morshinskaya brand through the idea of ​​coolness. For this purpose, a water spray system was designed between the two main volumes of the stand. A passerby on a hot day could walk along the stands and get cool. There is a clear connection between coolness, freshness, quenching thirst. To support the effect, one part of the stand is a bar with chilled water. And in addition, the second half of the stand is analogous to “behind the glass” where there would be athletically built young people who would pour water at the moment when a passerby passes by. Also, a passerby can observe only one section of glass, the rest are hidden by polarization using smart glass technology. We seem to be telling a passer-by a story about the life style of Morshyn.

  • Type: mobile stand
  • Location: , Ukraine
  • Area: 48 m2
  • Completed: in 2010
  • Photographer: —————
  • Team: BOOM project
  • Contact:
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