An institution that will be aimed at developing the culture of jazz music in the city of Odessa. The main stylistic direction is eclectic.

One of the features of the bar is that the communications typical of the basement are not hidden, but on the contrary – are emphasized, chaotically intertwined with air ducts and fire extinguishing systems. Flooring material – industrial self-leveling floor with topping. Due to this material it was possible to achieve aesthetic reflection effects and a seamless plane throughout the room. The walls and ceiling are made of two-component plaster under varnish on the basis of a textured surface. Basic lighting with hidden lighting around the perimeter of the halls fills the space with soft light, which creates the intimacy of visitors. Cold light emphasizes the stage and the smoking room, thus visually separating the area from the main hall. Installations of neon and fluorescent tubes serve as light accents.

The anchor element of the interior is a radius bar with brutal lamps, which are assembled from the components of the motorcycle.
The back wall of the bar area is a composition of metal shelves and illuminated bottles running in the direction of the vault.
The centerpiece of the bathroom is a metal chandelier with a washbasin in the shape of a cylinder made of painted bricks, and the radial arrangement of the mirrors creates an interesting reflection effect.

We look forward to the opening!
Live sound, quality jazz and the atmosphere of this type of establishment.

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