In the cottage village “ART-HOUSE” there are 6 cottages of three types, and the main multifunctional building.

1. 17 apartments of various sizes and volume planning decisions. All apartments have been designed according to a “studio” layout.
2. 2-level restaurant – including a summer concert venue and a concert hall year-round use.
3. Block of administrative premises and security.
4. Gym.

The modern architecture of the complex is maximally integrated into the environment and the relief of the site. Neighborhood with Bakhchisaray Reserve has determined the principles of landscaping of the complex, with the maximum preservation of valuable tree species in the area.

Glass panoramic facades allow you to enjoy the spectacular views without leaving home. Spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, many terraces and balconies blur the line between indoor and outdoor space, creating a harmony of coexistence with nature, without disturbing the delicate balance between man and the world.

Restaurant and entertainment unit with a pool of impressive size , will allow to receive a wide range of entertainments and rest without leaving the protected territory of a complex.

Buildings are erected taking into account requirements of seismic, a framework – reinforced concrete, filling of walls – foam concrete blocks. Only natural quality materials are used in the decoration: natural stone, wood, glass. Engineering systems – from leading European manufacturers. Glazing – high-quality aluminum profile and energy-saving glass. The cottages are built with full interior and exterior finishes, including kitchen furniture from leading Italian designers. Terraces, paths and areas are paved with natural stone (limestone or marble) or special species of valuable wood. The site is planned with retaining walls made of natural stone, lawns and landscaping. Connection to networks is provided: gas, water, electricity, sewerage.

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