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How does the interior design of apartments in Odessa differ from similar ones in another city? BOOM PROJECT has a vision for this issue. And the answer to it can help make truly original architectural projects .


Next in the list you can find the directions of our activities in interior design and architecture. Categories include projects we have already created:

Interior designer or how to see a dream in 3D model?

With any preferences of the client, the volume of buildings and his personal characteristics, the designer directs his efforts to develop a completely new look for the interior of the premises. How unpleasant it is to see how the spark of the city is extinguished behind the gray and identical houses. Its flavor. Here are the designers and architects of the BOOM PROJECT Odessa studio, when they create a new design for a cafe or a design for a restaurant or even a whole residential complex, they try to bring something beautiful to this place. A piece of yourself.

Diverse interior design and architecture. Or where does the style in this portfolio come from?

Correctly say that in fact every metropolis has its own personality or "spirit". When decorating interior design in Odessa, this should be taken into account. It is multifaceted, and for every region or street. It is not so important where the house is located: on a echoing avenue or in a quiet area with a stable life - an interior designer in Odessa is always obliged to maintain a balance and take into account all the requests of clients.

Everyone will not use the suggestions of a designer or architect. Although little by little, the interior design in Odessa is taking on its own unique look. And in fact, this search for the right design solution is absolutely correct. Only in a dispute can truth be born.

Interior design in Odessa. Interior designer skills.

Actually, what will the designer of nit terriers in Odessa understand? Or what should be brought up in oneself:
1. Efficiency. Which will inevitably affect the ability to work a lot. and over a large number of orders.
2. The passion of the beautiful. Without it, it is not easy to imagine interior design in Odessa.
3. Uniqueness. Doing something new is not the last task that a designer or architect pursues. Odessa and its inhabitants are all the more demanding in this matter.
4. Accents. The ability to place the right accents is extremely important for a designer.

All this is true, and also modern advanced technologies leave their special mark on the person or the design team creating the interior design. Odessa as a city is still developing and is ready to deviate from the norms that were applied in ancient times.

Who is he, interior designer in Odessa?

A designer certainly can. be proud of their diverse work and an abundance of skills. Interiors are designed to reveal all their creative potential. It would not be superfluous to say about the inhabitants of the city of Odessa - non-standard and colorful personalities. As a result, the interior design in Odessa has such a flavor.

Specialist Portfolio is always rich in a variety of styles. Hi-tech or classics, miniaturism or wealth. Any kind of interior design is available to an architect, as well as to his client, and Odessa always inspires creativity.

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