Example of a residential interior design project

What an interior design project consists of (example)

This page provides an example of interior design. We have not laid out the full project but presented enough to understand the level of detail. An interior design project usually takes 40 to 270 pages of detailed instructions. Which clearly and distinctly explain how to build the projected volume. You can see examples of our work in gallery on this site or on Behance .

A design project is a guide to building your interior. The project includes all the main sections required for construction.

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- A computer
- Интернет соединение


- Project development budget
- Imagination

Interior design project composition:

Project structure
The project consists of 30 or more pages. The composition of the project is divided into stages of construction.
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Measurement plan
Any project starts with a measurement plan. A plan is needed to obtain the actual dimensions of the premises. Measurement plans often help customers to check the actual area of the purchased property. Square meters are an expensive thing. Perhaps a measurement plan will help you save a significant amount.
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Dismantling plan
Break here! A very important plan. A dismantling plan will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.
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Construction plan
The construction plan can be used even at the stage of building a house. Many construction companies change the layout completely free of charge if they have such a plan. The main thing is to provide such a plan before the builders erected the partitions according to the original drawings. Such a plan will save you a significant amount.
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Plumbing fixture binding plan
Correctly placed plumbing makes life easier. Such concepts as a working triangle and ergonomics are not empty phrases for us.
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Furniture layout plan
Overall composition and ergonomic solution. Public and private areas, competent aisle routes, furniture orientation are all part of the furniture layout and overall composition.
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Electrical lighting equipment plan
Electric lighting is an integral part of modern everyday life. Lighting extends daylight hours. And it largely determines the quality of the time spent in the dark. Different situations require completely different lighting solutions. The art is to solve a wide range of problems without turning the apartment into a New Year's garland. Light groups, lighting scenarios, directional light spots, balance in the color of the glow, these are some of the techniques that we use in our projects.
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Electrical equipment plan
Pass-through switches, smart switches and low-current wiring are everyday items in modern interiors. On this sheet, the electrician will find everything he needs to work.
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Ceiling installation plan
Installation diagram and details of the elements.
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Floor plan
Everything is simple here. Where are the floors as well as podiums and heights.
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List of finishing materials
With the help of the sheet, you can always see what and in what quantities materials you need. This is actually very convenient.
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furniture elements, heights - these are all sweeps along the walls. Most of the finishing processes are tied to these drawings.
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Visualization or 3D modeling is our everything!
To see what you acquire, in my opinion, is a very natural desire. In addition, visualization is a technical reference. After all, it is much easier to show what exactly you need than to spend hours explaining on your fingers with dubious success. The design project contains a set of photorealistic renders for each projected room.
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interior design example posted for your reference

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