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Do you need interior design in Odessa or anywhere else in Ukraine, or maybe somewhere abroad? We at BOOM PROJECT studio know how and we know how to do it! In modern society, ever-increasing demands are made on interior design. As in any other area, it has its own subtleties and nuances, experiences and discoveries, trends and trends. And all this is mostly reflected in what we call nothing other than modern architecture. This is all that is happening here and now that excites the imagination and sharpens the senses. Well, we all love this, what can we do!

Interior design is a separate direction that is directly related to architecture, but still with its own rules, characteristics and trends. This is about everything that surrounds us inside architectural structures.
In addition to decorative or aesthetic solutions that determine the appearance and style. An interior design project should solve problems in functionality, ergonomics, electricity, water supply, heating and ventilation. The range of the listed engineering tasks requires high qualifications and appropriate education from the designer. In addition, do not forget about aesthetics, because this is what they turn for in the first place. Therefore, the correct balance of aesthetics and ergonomics is our first priority. Contrary to popular belief, interior design is not an expensive service. And that’s why:

Дизайн Ресторана Boom Project

If you have made repairs at least once, then you probably have a lot of negative memories. There is no need to list all the possible situations, let’s look at a few. One of the most common situations is when repairs cost twice as much as planned. Sometimes money is simply not enough. All this turns into scandal and stress. Although all this mess is pretty easy to avoid. The design project includes lists of finishing materials, all surfaces are counted. And these figures are provided for budgeting. From which it follows that, with a design project, the error in budgeting does not exceed 10%. Agree that 10% is not critical and such overruns are easy to deal with.


Everyone has a different idea of ​​beauty. Taste preferences are formed by the environment of communication and life. We imagine even the simplest things in different ways. Someone, at the spoken word, a chair will imagine a stool, another will imagine a Viennese chair, and a third office chair with a soft back. One word in the heads of different people evokes different images. So at a construction site it is extremely difficult to convey to the workers what exactly you want to get as a result. The interior design project is a step-by-step instruction with all the necessary information. Believe me, the project makes life easier for both customers and builders.


Build an activity for extremists without a work plan. In fact, such a plan cannot be drawn up without an interior project. Moreover, all agreements that will be between you and the builders will not be valid. If the amount of work is calculated on the fingers, then the deadlines for completing the task will be estimated by eye. Plus, minus eternity.


How much concrete is needed to make a screed? Do you need two or three cans of paint? Without calculated construction volumes and specifications, it is extremely difficult to control the estimates provided by the builders.


According to its philosophy, the development of a residential interior fits into a simple postulate - "form follows function". In other words, the main task is to create the most comfortable interior, everything else is secondary. We need a high-quality interior design in Odessa, we know how and we know how to do it.

(+) Recommendations for the selection of finishing materials, pieces of furniture and equipment, suppliers and manufacturers of works.

Architectural visualization of interiors (photorealism)

Creation of a three-dimensional virtual model that takes into account all design decisions and furnishings.


A set of necessary design documentation for the production of construction and finishing works.

  • Measurement plan
  • Reconstruction plan
  • Plan with furniture placement
  • Floor plan. Coating specification
  • Plumbing plan. devices and connections. Specification
  • Layout of luminaires and switches. Specification
  • Layout of electrical outlets (sockets and electrical outlets of special equipment)
  • Fragments and elements of special decor. Finishes specification
  • Joinery fillings of openings. Blueprints. Specification
  • Interior elements

Recommendations for the selection of finishing materials, pieces of furniture and equipment, suppliers and manufacturers of works.

Architectural visualization of interiors (photorealism)

Creation of a three-dimensional virtual model taking into account all design solutions and complete set of interior items .

an example of a project of a residential interior

What will you get as a result?
Composition and staging of project documentation.

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