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A set of necessary design documentation for the production of construction and finishing works.

  • Architectural visualization of interiors (photorealism)
  • Creation of a 3D virtual model. Taking into account all design solutions and complete set of interior items.
  • (+) Recommendations for the selection of finishing materials. In addition, we will select pieces of furniture and equipment, suppliers and manufacturers of works.
  • Most importantly, the cost of interior design includes the development of individual furniture and interior details.


Boom Project is the leading interior design team in Odessa. In modern society, ever-increasing demands are made on restaurant design. In addition to decorative or aesthetic solutions that determine the appearance and style. An interior design project should solve problems in functionality, ergonomics, electricity, water supply, heating and ventilation. The range of the listed engineering tasks requires high qualifications and appropriate education from the designer.

The success of a project depends on a number of factors. And it is the fruit of the work of a large number of specialists.


Direct participation of all key specialists at the design stage. Hence we design a kitchen with a chef. Bar with a bartender. And we correct the routes with the administrator.

This form of interaction allows us to build successful establishments. On the other hand, our team faces difficult challenges. After all, it is necessary not only to maintain a balance in the design of a restaurant or bar design, but also to preserve the atmosphere and charisma of the institution without losing functionality.

60 days of Glory

By the way, I tell all our customers about the importance of teamwork. Based on many years of experience, I can say with confidence: The interior design of the institution gives the institution 60 days of Glory! This means that guests will come to you even without advertising. Just because it will be interesting for them to look at the new design. The task of the staff is to make these guests regular visitors. This can only be achieved by excellent service and delicious cuisine! In other words, we are doing our part, which must be complemented by delicious food, excellent service and pleasant music. Also important is the graphic support of the project. Integration of graphics and symbols into the project. Do you need a design for a restaurant Odessa? or bar design Odessa or any other city on the planet? We know how and we know how to do it!


The greatest praise deserves an architect who is able to combine beauty and convenience for life in a project.

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini

Boom project - we design restaurants and bars

Bar / Restaurant Design offers turnkey design and construction solutions for clients located throughout Ukraine and Odessa in particular. Our team of professionals is ready to take the first step towards realizing your dream. We are a super design team for restaurant design and bar design. We also specialize in service installations and author's unique furniture . We are approaching a future in which restaurant or bar design will be simple and convenient for the client. Let us help you redesign or build the new, safe restaurant of your dreams.

An aesthetic interior will liven up your restaurant

Our premium services help you create the best restaurant design in Odessa. Our decor, combined with your endeavors, ensures the popularity of your cafe or restaurant. We create post-sales analysis mockups and develop strategies so you can increase the profitability of your establishment. Thus, our ideas are modeled according to the preferences of the target customers, which bodes well for the demand.

How do BOOM PROJECT work?

Our company offers a full range of services for designing a restaurant or bar design in Odessa. We start with a plan, then create a wrestling design. Once the plans are approved, a different process begins. While waiting for plans, our designers discuss with you the choice of materials for the interior, giving you the opportunity to choose according to your budget. Our projects are supervised from start to finish, we carry out a complete avotra nadhor. In simple words, when ordering a restaurant design or bar design from us, you get a full range of turnkey services saving your energy and most importantly your nerves.

A little about the restaurant / bar project from BOOM PROJECT

    The design of the restaurant is designed to be cozy and welcoming. It will appeal to the taste of modern society. The uniqueness of the restaurant design and the forms added by our designers have been worked out and will be in harmony with the theme and idea conceived by the client.
    Our staff will conduct market research to find the best and most practical solutions. The design of the restaurant will be tailored to the target customers and atmosphere.
    We provide restaurant design services to absolutely all brands, be it small cafes or huge chains. The quality of our services is top notch and does not depend on anything.
    We create a unique image of a restaurant label due to its differences and similarities. Original ideas are easily remembered by the consumer to remember and come back again.
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