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In modern society, increasing demands are made on architectural design. In addition to decorative or aesthetic solutions that determine the appearance and style. An architectural project should solve problems in functionality, ergonomics, electricity, water supply, heating and ventilation. The range of the listed engineering tasks requires high qualifications and appropriate education from the designer. BOOM-PROJECT .

The knowledge and experience gained in the first years of our work as a design and architecture studio are the basis of the BOOM PROJECT practice. We believe that this is what distinguishes our design services from other companies. We know how buildings are constructed and apply our practical knowledge for each individual restaurant design project, bar design, hotel design, etc.

Interior design and architecture projects

BOOM PROJECT - we undertake a wide range of design and architectural projects, as we are always looking for new design solutions. Our work is based on a wide and constantly growing range of interests in design and architecture, therefore it is constantly evolving. The common denominator in our work is not a particular style, but the quality of light and space, thoughtful choice of materials and attention to important details.

The BOOM PROJECT team appreciates the lessons that can accompany the work on old buildings, and often our design projects for new buildings include them.

Commercial Interior Design

Design and architecture studio BOOM PROJECT, we work all over Ukraine and the world.
We create a unique and unforgettable interior design with many accents, & nbsp; the guests will be so delighted that they will bring all their acquaintances. Even simple photos of your establishment will serve as an advertisement and will bring new customers to you.

  • Design of hotel complexes by BOOM PROJECT
    The hospitality industry is a type of business where all attention is concentrated around the guest. What we at BOOM PROJECT studio understand well. The maximum positive feedback and the growing demand for your services is the effect that we achieve for you. Photos from your fae and rooms will attract new customers to visit your hotel or hotel.
  • Design of bars, restaurants and cafes by BOOM PROJECT & nbsp;
    Pleasant atmosphere, places for Selfies, non-trivial fashionable interior is the key to a successful restaurant business. When designing the interiors of bars, cafes and restaurants, we pay attention not only to common areas, but also think over the configuration of the kitchen to the smallest detail. We will take care of the convenience and efficiency of your restaurant employees in advance.
  • Office design by BOOM PROJECT
    To create a space in which to work comfortably. The interior design will be conducive to the emergence of new ideas and / or approaches. This is the result we are striving for.
  • Design of a boutique or beauty salon by BOOM PROJECT
    Perfection and beauty, controlled chaos - this is what the sphere of beauty is. The interior design of a beauty salon or boutique should embody your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. The concept developed by us will be your faithful assistant in selling your services. & Nbsp;
  • Design solutions for entrance groups from BOOM PROJECT & nbsp;
    The first thing that meets a guest of an elite club or restaurant is the entrance group. Our task is to offer the client relaxation and a sense of exclusivity already at the first visual contact. Entrance groups from the BOOM PTOJECT studio combine both the style of the entire room and the uniqueness of themselves.


Our company, BOOM PROJECT, actively cooperates at the highest level. The unique qualities of our clients are evident in the wide variety of architectural and interior design projects in our portfolio. When we collaborate in an open-minded manner, work becomes better and more efficient for everyone involved.

Why do you need interior design and architectural planning?

The goal of interior design is to create spaces that blend harmoniously with the spirit of our clients. This requires an understanding that goes beyond a simple list of rooms.

How does BOOM PROJECT work with the client?

From the very beginning of each project, we create a 3D design model to visualize the project, light and materials. These drawings, sketches and models are not only an integral part of our work, they are also our main method of communication and cooperation with our clients. In a typical design meeting, we sit at the monitor, and our client looks at the space from all sides and can offer ideas and options immediately after viewing the design project. While many designers prefer to maintain more control over the creative process and present only finished work, we prefer to involve our clients in the process with us as partners.

Part of our job is to help clients navigate the construction process. First, we will develop a project plan that matches your schedule and budget. Throughout the process, we will help overcome obstacles and identify opportunities to create something truly special. This is the philosophy of the BOOM PROJECT architecture and design studio. Call us at any time, we are always slaves to new customers.

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