An example of an architectural project

What an architectural project consists of (example)

An architectural project is a guide to building your home. All other sections of the project are developed on the basis of the architectural design. The minimum set of sections for building a house is AR (working architecture), KZh (construction). AI (architectural interior) - optional section, but how to build a house without interiors.

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- A computer
- Интернет соединение


- Project development budget
- Imagination

The composition of the architectural project:

Project structure
The project consists of 30 or more pages. The composition of the project is divided into stages of construction.
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General data and indicators
General data and technical and economic indicators.
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Base plan
The plan contains basic geodetic data.
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General plan
It is a large-scale image of a projected (reconstructed) building.
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Floor plans
Part of the project, which reflects the location of all rooms, structures on this particular floor of the building.
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Center plan
This drawing is necessary for taking out the dimensions of the building in nature.
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Improvement plan
A private house is not only a house itself. Lawns and pools are also small architectural forms, all of which are on the site improvement plan.
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Roof plan
These are projections of the building onto a horizontal plane. The top view gives an idea of the shape of the building and determines the position of all protruding roof elements
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The incisions
Section Usually two cuts are given in the main volume - longitudinal and transverse.
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The view of the building from the facade helps the builders to clearly reproduce our design solution.
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Another facade
The view of the building from the facade helps the builders to clearly reproduce our design solution.
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Vent sweeps channels
Крайне важная часть проектирования здания любого типа.
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Doorway filling sheet
Here they show schemes for filling doorways.
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List of filling window openings
They show schemes for filling window openings.
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Premises finishing list
The table contains information about building materials used for finishing the premises. Convenient in that it represents a complete list of finishing materials.
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Explication of floors
In a tabular form, the description is presented with an explanation of which specific design solutions are used to create floors.
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example architectural design posted for your reference

The above architectural project will help you understand what you will get as a result of our work. This presentation presents one sheet from each department of the project. There are actually many more sheets in the project. I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the architectural project does not include related sections such as: structures, OV, VK, etc.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. All consultations are free!

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