Let's start things that are clear to everyone. The cost of repair or construction work starts with four digits. There is no such thing as a repair that is cheaper than 10-15 to American money! And if they tell you otherwise, they lie! Agree, it's not cheap, and yet a huge number of people are trying to save money on the services of a designer or architect. Therefore, they build without interior design or architectural project. As a result, the result is completely different from what they wanted and dreamed of.

I'll try to give an example that will show the absurdity of the situation. Imagine a situation in which you had to choose a car through an indistinct conversation with a car manufacturer that your godfather advised you to do. From the conversation it became clear that this is not the first car built by the manufacturer. Nobody has complained about the manufacturer yet (according to the manufacturers). However, it is completely unclear whether this is the car you dreamed of. I assure you, it is impossible to convey the technical task even to a sane specialist in words. As a result, we get a Lada at the price of a Mercedes with vague explanations why it happened.

We don't think so. Visualization or 3D modeling is our everything! 3D Visualization is an inseparable part of interior design. To see what you acquire, in my opinion, is a very natural desire. In addition, visualization is a technical reference. After all, it is much easier to show what exactly you need than to spend hours explaining on your fingers with dubious success.

Do not skimp on interior design, it is not expensive, but to alter or rebuild is very expensive, take my word for it.

(a reasonable question isn't that so?) In most cases, working without a project, you will receive a monosyllabic answer with a certain amount. The most interesting thing is that this amount can be either overestimated or underestimated.

I will try to explain:

  1. In the first case, the contractor is not limited by the terms of reference (project interior design) and tries to get extra profit because it will be extremely difficult to check it.
  2. In the second case, the contractor is cunning in order to win a better price from competitors while risking nothing because the project does not exist and you can always ask for money for additional work after.

In both cases, the customer bears the losses: In the first case, overpaying and in the second, hiring an unscrupulous contractor with a deliberately low quality of work.
Having a project, you will be able to avoid overpayments and also you will not have to overpay for additional work. I assure you - the cost of the project is several times less than any of the above situations.

Save money - order interior design.

Each of you probably has friends who have been in a state of construction for years. Not that nothing happens or is not funded, on the contrary. Money is paid, workers are working and suppliers are delivering. But there is no end in sight. Actually, what's the problem? You ask. It's simple - planning. Without a project, it is impossible to draw up a work schedule and a delivery schedule. Our personal best: Fully functional restaurant was built in 45 working days.

Interior design in its philosophy fits into a simple postulate - " form follows function ".

In other words, the main task is to create the most comfortable interior, everything else is secondary. This is the correct interior design Odessa.

  1. A set of AI drawings
  2. A set of necessary design documentation for the production of construction and finishing works.
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